Our Leadership Team


President –  Wes Harper, Lightwire, Inc.  (919) 524-0453

The President’s duties include facilitating the weekly meeting and new member inductions/training.


Jeff Hall, WebpressVice President – Jeff Hall, Webpress (919) 418-9997

The Vice President tracks all chapter activity including attendance, quality referrals, one-to-one’s and Thank You for the Business submissions.


Sherry Green, North State Bank MortgageSecretary/Treasurer – Sherry Green, North State Bank Mortgage  (919) 645-2746

The Secretary maintains the five minute speaker rotation, introduces speakers and member renewals.


Education Coordinators –  Manish Dubal & Mitch Hassell

The Education Coordinator is responsible for the weekly Education Moment and announcing the training schedule.


Event Coordinator – Mica Parekh & Cara Bennett

The Event Coordinator announces and coordinates member and social events.


Mentoring Program – Dr. Sophia Myers

The Mentoring Program Coordinator is responsible for pairing new members with an experienced member. The mentoring program insures all new members are made aware of the member responsibilities and opportunities available to new members in the group.


Webmaster – Jeff Hall

The Webmaster is responsible for the continual maintenance of the BNI Morning Show website as well as using internet tools such as mass emails, blogging and web tutorials to provide assistance and awareness of the BNI Morning Show to its members and guests.


Membership Committee – Deborah Goff, Andrew Watkins, Erin Ellis and Matt Archer

The Membership Committee reviews and approves new member applications and member renewals.


Visitor Host Team – Rhonda Goodman, Karen Lynn, Melissa Reynolds

The Sign-In Hosts register guest and introduces to them members and regulates member supplies.