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Al Pleasants, Piedmont LithoPiedmont Litho, Inc. is a unique kind of printer. With roots of over 34 + years in traditional offset printing, Piedmont Litho has embraced digital printing technologies to bring you the unparalleled option of choosing offset or digital printing whichever best serves your needs.

We offer a complete array of design, printing and copying services. Our primary goal at Piedmont Litho is to meet the needs of our customers. It is with great pride that we keep your projects on schedule and on budget with results that exceed your expectations. At Piedmont Litho quality is always the standard, not an extra!

Piedmont Litho, Inc is a Green Industry Leader –

Environmentally responsible printing is the latest trend in the printing. Piedmont Litho is making a better impact on our environment by using eco-friendly inks and recycled papers. These steps, even in a small way can benefit the planet and energy consumption.


Piedmont Litho uses only recycled papers and biodegradable and soy based inks. We specify use papers that are either contain at least 30% post-consumer material or be manufactured without using chlorine or chlorine derivates. We purchase paper that is certified with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). This certification ensures that products made from trees pass from a certified, well-managed forest to a certified paper manufacturer, merchant and printer. Our paper suppliers are also Rainforest Alliance Certified (RAC), an organization that is committed to conserving biodiversity by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior.

Soy ink contains non-toxic soybean oil, the same oil which is used in cooking oils. Soy inks create rich, vivid color.

What is Digital Printing?

  • Printing directly from a file
  • Produced on machines that use toner to apply the image onto paper
  • The toner does not absorb into the paper but rather  forms a thin layer on top of the paper
  • The quality of Digital Printing has come a long way from the “copy
    machine” look and is very impressive when compared with Offset printing. The average observer may not even be able to tell the difference with most Digital print jobs.

Benefits of Digital Printing:

  • Short runs / No minimums
  • Same day printing available for most orders
  • Cost effective when you are printing small quantities
  • Ideal when you have many versions of files to print in low quantities
  • Less waste used with set-up paper


What is Offset Printing?

  • The technique can be described whereby ink is spread onto a metal plate that has been etched according to the image file
  • This printing method is the traditional printing method for commercial printers
  • Offset printing is cost effective when printing larger quantities

Turn around times are usually longer due to longer drying time required for the inks used


We are experts in producing….
business cards, envelopes, brochures, postcards, letterhead, flyers, posters, booklets, magazines, specialty parking passes, tickets, credentials, display boards, annual reports, quick copy jobs, newsletters, athletic programs, wedding stationary – invitations, reply cards, save the dates, programs, seating and table cards.

Parking Passes –

Piedmont Litho specializes in parking pass printing for special athletic events. Our focus has been with collegiate sporting events such as football and basketball. Each parking pass is numbered to identify the specific lot name and space location. We also color coat each pass to represent the different lot areas and print a foil embossed logo for security and fraud prevention. Piedmont Litho works currently with NC State and Appalachian State Athletic Programs.

Wedding Printing –

Piedmont Litho has extended its attention to quality and detail into the wedding industry. We custom design each piece of wedding stationary to fit the personal touches that each bride wishes for their wedding. We have several set designs to choose from. Each design can be tailored to match your individual wedding colors and themes. Our staff strides to meet the highest expectations of each bride and love creating custom invitations based on design ideas from the bride herself.


Please contact Al Pleasants, owner of Piedmont Litho at (919) 210-3755 or he can be reached via the following:

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